Add and Manage Cards

After creating a Dashboard, you can begin adding cards to it. Simply go to a Dashboard and press the Add a Card button. Select to add something from the card library, or build your own card using a query.

Add a Card from the Library

Pre-Configured cards are sorted into categories from your available logs.

When you select the category label, it will display all visual options available to you.

Build Your Own

If you decide to build your own visual card, you need to provide a query and select the log(s) you want to apply the query to. Learn how to Build a Query or use Example Queries when building your own card.

After selecting an option, you will see a live preview of the results of your query. Visualizations that are not compatible with your query are greyed out.

Manage Cards

Each visual card has a cogwheel of options. From here, you can:

  • view applicable logs
  • edit the card
  • copy the card
  • remove the card from the dashboard
  • export the card to PDF
  • export the log data to a CSV file

Exported Log Data and Exported PDFs are available in the Report Archive.